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 Post subject: Hot work permits
PostPosted: Sun Apr 25, 2010 5:47 pm 

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Just had a discussion with one of my friends and it sounds like he's got some supervisors that want to 'pass' the buck sort of speak.

They have recently started trying to work under the NFPA 70e, and there is a project where the guy that is over that department claims it can not be shutdown. It supplies some alarms/computer interface in a hospital, basically a HUGE server room.
Basically suggesting that he falls under the 'hot work' exceptions of life safety etc..

My friend let his boss know about the situation, and that maybe a hot work permit needed to be filled out. Heres the 'buck passing', they have a form that has 'REQUESTOR' at the top, and they want my friend to fill this out and sign. My friend says no, because he is NOT the one requesting the work be done hot. He is willing to explain to them in writing of the work that needs to be done, (since they are not electricians), but the initiator of the 'Hot work permit' is suppose to be from the person claiming the equipment can't be shut down. They can get the guy over the department/server room to sign off on it and check off the exceptions is what my friend suggested.

His boss says 'no' this is our form and its the lead guy who is suppose to fill out the form. :confused:
They are locking horns on this issue. How do you go and explain to your boss through common sense that the 'requestor' of a hot work permit is suppose to be the person making the claim that something 'Can NOT be shutdown because it meets the criteria of osha exceptions'.??? Sounds like they just want to 'shift' the liability' of this work on the workerbee! :eek:

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 8:21 pm 
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You should get a copy of the handbook, as in the notes it says the purpose is to get management to take responsibility for the work. The electrician and the building manager should both sign, as having a toolbox safety meeting to discuss the situation is supposed to be done.

In addition, there are allowances for 'routine' hot work. So if this is going to be a frequent occurrence then it should be stated in the site policy manual that this is a critical system, and then outline the type of work that can be performed and what training the electrician is supposed to have and how often, ie. Critical systems which require live work will only be performed by licensed electrician who receives corporate annual safety training. The touching of hands or tools to an energized component will require a hot work permit along with special live work training.

This would permit normal voltage, or working 'around' energized parts. You could include hands or tools touching the live part if desired but it adds more risk so requires additional training.

If its in policy, and the electrician is trained, and it constitutes routine, then the live work would not be needed, and the corporation has basically approved the method by policy.

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