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 Post subject: Re: Arc Flash Study ; MCC Enclosures
PostPosted: Thu Jan 23, 2020 2:14 pm 
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I've been a member of the forum for several years now. If you have not yet purchased your arc flash software, I'd urge you to consider at least looking at Easy Power. Before I bought any software, I looked at the popular brands. SKM, ETAP, Easy Power and a few others. I felt SKM was okay, but pricey along with the annual support. I called and talked with ETAP and it was not a good fit for me. Nothing against them, I just did not feel they were right for my needs. I talked with Easy Power and was comfortable with what I heard. So I went to a 1 week training session held just outside Portland, Oregon. While there, I was able to meet several of their engineers. I found the training to be pretty good.
Another thing I liked was not having to buy the big software package. You can buy what I called Easy Power light. They've another name for it, but I can't recall. Since then, I've moved up to the big version. Also, I've found the tech support to be very good. I generally submit my tech support request on line and they generally get back to me within 24 hours. If it's critical, I call tech support. Something I like is you often talk with the same people.

They also have periodic (free) webinars. I'm not sure if they are weekly, but they're frequent and excellent. The do record them so you can watch when it's easy. One of the presenters is Jim Chastain. I've found Jim to be easy to listen to and informative. Here's a link if you want to watch one of Jim's.
Finally, Easy Power sometimes has Jim Phillips do webinars for them If you like using the arc flash forum, consider that too.

Good luck,

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 Post subject: Re: Arc Flash Study ; MCC Enclosures
PostPosted: Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:56 am 

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Ashdgee wrote:
wbd wrote:
I would make sure that you were provided with the latest available utility fault current. I contact the utility directly for that information.

It appears you are a consultant but this is your first arc flash study?

We got the fault levels from the municipal supply authority.I am a consultant , junior/mid level.The senior engineer will look at it.Im just giving myself a go while he's still away (on a project site out of the country).

However, I have recommended the company to get the latest version of ETAP as this will make our work very easier


The concept of the enclosure editor in ETAP is the benefit from your latest version (ETAP 19.5). For your MCC bus, you can create a Bus and line side (incoming breaker) enclosure with the flexibility of entering different box sizes (Height, Width, Depth) for each BUCKET.

In addition, you can choose multiple configurations for each enclosure such as (VCB and VCBB) as well. ETAP reports the worst case of selected two configurations for each bucket defined plus accounting for different box size entered.

In ETAP 19.5, a new concept called C-area plots is introduced which can account for probabilistic variations in the box size to create an incident energy area (in the Time Current Curves TCC) curve as a function of time and current. This was also mentioned in the forum thread by Marcelo Valdes

The above concept is explained in detail in the last PCIC conference. The authors of the paper are from IEEE 1584-2018 task and working group committee. The details are as follows.

"Application of Incident Energy Reference Boundary Area Plots in TCCs considering IEEE 1584-2018 Input Parameter Variability" Paper No. PCIC-2019-40

For further details, you can contact ETAP as well. Hope it helps
Thank you

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