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 Post subject: Up to date drawings required?
PostPosted: Mon May 09, 2022 6:21 pm 

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Looking through 70e I see several references to using up-to-date drawings for various procedures, but I also saw where if they were not available that the owner had to use other methods to ensure safety. While up to date drawings are certainly recommended, if you perform and arc flash study and determine the drawings are incorrect, is there any sort of requirement to correct or update them in any standard or regulation?

Thanks in advance!

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 Post subject: Re: Up to date drawings required?
PostPosted: Tue May 10, 2022 6:15 am 

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Most arc flash software packages have pretty decent drawing outputs. I do find that some people are used to looking at riser diagrams instead of single-line drawings so it may take them some to get used to SLD's.

It's pretty rare to even find drawings, much less up-to-date ones. I was recently at a facility and their most current drawings were from 1991 and they had an addition in 2000 that made the building 50% larger.

You need to be able to understand how fault current propagates through the power system. Available fault current is the driver for arc flash using the IE method and for selecting PPE using the PPE Categories method. If you can't document what's installed, doing the other parts isn't possible.

Here's some other 70E 2021 references:

120.2(D) Lockout/Tagout Principles: Electrical Circuit Interlocks
Documentation, including up to date drawings and diagrams, SHALL be reviewed to ensure that no electrical circuit interlock operation can result in re-energizing the circuit being worked on

130.5(D) Arc Flash Risk Assessment – Documentation
The results of the arc flash risk assessment SHALL be documented

SKM and EasyPower can export *.dxf files so the end user could also use AutoCad to view the information

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