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 Post subject: fuses left in switches
PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 1:23 pm 

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hello to all and let me start by saying this forum is overdue. i have been doing electrical work for most of 30 years now and as this is an arc flash forum i need to get input on some events that have happened. twice now in my carreer i have come across an extremely dangerous situation and after writing letters to people who i thought could help i would like to talk here about this. while openning the cover of a 200 amp switch (mounted in a distribution center) i have come across fuses left in the bottom of the switch.i know this is not to be done and we can spend days discussing this and the outcome would be the same. fuses are not to be left in switches. but they have been left there. in the first case there was evidence of an arc flash where the fuse was laying against the clip for the bottom phase and some person energized the switch.because the fuse was resting on the clip and on the bottom of the switch there was an event. it may not have been an electrician energizing the switch. i dont know who but some person did energize that switch. in another case i was identifying loads a 6 section service distribution center and in 3 different switches (denergized) i found fuses left in the bottom of the switches. these were 2 different plants which is why i am bringing this up. how many of you have found fuses in the bottom of switches. twice in 30 years is not that many times but its 2 times to many. so if legislation could be en-acted where switches were manufactured and safety devices installed in them where as fuses would have to be inplace before a switch could be energized? or how abou fuse manufacturer's making fuses with out those big metal endbells on them, that would work. remember if it saves one life its worth it right?

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 17, 2009 12:03 pm 
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Spare fuse

I can feel your pain. Not sure anything can be done other then training.

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