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 Post subject: Outlet strips inside enclosure
PostPosted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:03 pm 

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In industry, I have seen enclosures (usually containing a PC / PLC and data I/O) that have a 3 or 6 outlet strip (120vac) mounted inside. Is the outlet strip or un-used receptacles considered to be "exposed" when the cabinet door is open? Looking in 70e I havent found any references to whether a receptacle is considered as "exposed". Thanks!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:21 am 

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[font="Comic Sans MS"][SIZE="3"]The face of an outlet is not considered to be "exposed" for the purposes of 70E or for that matter in the NEC it is not considered "exposed".
If your feed is not accessible (I'm assuming 480 vac) via shielding, (usually plexiglass) and the disconnect handle is in the off position and locked out, and verified to be shut off with test equipment, it is considered that there is no hazard present. Even with a secondary transformer supplying the recepticle for which the feed is tapped from the top of the disconnect. This secondary transformer usually has its own enclosure either in the panel or remote to the enclosure.
This does not negate the initial requirement for the proper PPE though. For our purposes (where I work) we are requiring PPE until the power is verified to be in an "electrically safe work condition" which is off and locked out. This includes 8 cal/cm² FR rated clothing and insulating rubber gloves with leather protectors.
If power remains on the rack, and the connections to the circuit boards are exposed (readily accessable) then we require PPE. Unless the power on the circuit boards is at or below 50 volts, then it is ok to go without gloves.[/size][/font]

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