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IEEE 1584.1
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Author:  Jim Phillips (brainfiller) [ Sun Nov 14, 2021 3:42 pm ]
Post subject:  IEEE 1584.1

I just returned yesterday from a meeting where we are moving the second edition of IEEE 1584.1 closer to the finish line.

The complete title is:
IEEE 1584.1 - IEEE Guide for the Specification of Scope and Deliverable Requirements for an Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations Study in Accordance with IEEE St. 1584.

It is about specifying arc flash studies and should not be confused with IEEE 1584 which is the model/equations for performing the studies.

A colleague and I wrote the original first draft back in 2007 and it was finally published in 2013. It has been under revision since the second edition of IEEE 1584 was published. The original idea of this standard when it was first conceived was to help level the playing field when it comes to specifying arc flash studies as not everyone knew what should be included.

Here is this week's question:
Do you/company have a copy of the original 2013 Edition of IEEE 1584.1? (for specifying studies - this is NOT IEEE 1584)
Never heard of it

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