Canada Classes – Arc Flash Studies / IEEE 1584

How to Perform an Arc Flash Calculation Study
2018 IEEE 1584
By Jim Phillips, P.E.

With special guests:
Len Cicero and Jim Pollard

Toronto, Ontario – November 4 – 5, 2019
Vancouver, British Columbia – February 24 – 25, 2020


For the first time ever, Jim Phillips is bringing his Arc Flash Studies class based on the 2018 IEEE 1584 to Canada! This very intense 2 day course includes an in depth discussion of:

Five different electrode configurations to enable more detailed modeling
More choices for enclosure types and sizes
Enclosure correction factor calculation to adjust for specific enclosure size
The effect of grounding has been eliminated
An arcing current variation factor calculation replaces the 85% factor
Calculations performed at 1 of 3 voltage levels with interpolation to actual voltage
The 125 kVA transformer exception was eliminated

Each calculation is now performed in 2 steps which includes an initial calculation based on one of three voltage levels and a second calculation interpolating to the specific system voltage.    The 125 kVA “exception” was replaced.  Learn why and what has replaced it.  What about the 2 second rule?

Loaded with Hands-On Calculation Problems

This class will be packed with many hands-on calculation examples using Jim’s worksheets.  The calculations will illustrate the various changes with the new edition and provide comparisons between the results using the 2002 Edition of IEEE 1584 and the 2018 Edition.

Hands-On Calculation Examples include:
Arcing Short Circuit Current – Intermediate and Final
Necessary Extrapolation and Interpolation
Enclosure Size Correction Factor
Incident Energy – Intermediate and Final
Arc Flash Boundary – Intermediate and Final
Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Calculations
DC Arc Flash Calculations

Jim will be joined by special guests Len Cicero and Jim Pollard who will be discussing CSA Z462 requirements for arc flash studies and how the study results are used to select appropriate arc rated clothing and PPE.

Questions?:  Contact our Program Director, Brenda:
480.275.7451 or [email protected]