Today is National Hammock Day! On July 22nd, we celebrate one of the universal symbols for relaxation. Rest assured the hammock is one of the best ways to unwind. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these fun facts and ways to celebrate hammocks.

Five Hammock Fun Facts:

1. Hammocks were originally created by the Mayans about 1,000 years ago in Central America.  

2. The Mayans used the bark and fibers of the Hamack tree to make them, hence the name “hammock.”  

3. Christopher Columbus introduced hammocks to Spain in the 15th century after seeing the Taino people of the Bahamas using them.

4. The largest hammock in the world is located in New Jersey and is over 68 feet long.

5. It’s an English surname.  The name originates in Devon, England. 

Five Ways to Celebrate National Hammock Day:

1. Bring your hammock to work!
What?! A hammock at work? No way! 

But seriously – Are you tired of that basic office chair? Swap it out for a hammock! Or use it for your afternoon power naps. Some companies are implementing this idea into their office spaces.  For example, HubSpot has a giant hammock for their employees to catch up on sleep because they understand that a rested employee is a productive employee.

2. Go camping!
As an avid camper myself, this one is my favorite idea.  Tie your hammock between 2 trees, grab your favorite book, and listen to nothing but nature.

3. Head to the beach and chill!
Whether it’s a deserted island or a crowded beach on a Saturday, hammocks on the beach are the way to go! Sit back and listen to the crashing waves while you work on your summer tan.

4. Turn your hammock into a swing!
It has been found that the swinging motion adjusts brain waves to allow people to fall asleep quicker. Also, it’s a lot of fun! Swing as high as you can without falling off. 

5. Play hammock games!
It’s the end of July. Your kids have been home all summer. You’re running out of fun activities to do. Create a fun hammock game! If you can’t think of any, here is a site with fun hammock games:

Happy Hammocking! 



(Disclaimer: Brainfiller, Inc. and its employees do not recommend any activities which could result in accidents, injuries, or death.  Please hammock responsibly.)