National Mentoring Day

Photo by Riku Lu –

Today is National Mentoring Day!  Many of us are still young padawans soaking up all of the knowledge that our great mentors are giving to us.  Like Luke Skywalker learning from Master Yoda, there is always much to learn before becoming a master of anything.  The purpose of a mentorship is to help mentees learn faster than they would on their own by tapping into the knowledge of their more experienced mentors.  This holiday was started in 2014 by Chelsea Baker to help celebrate mentorships of all types.  The purpose of this day is to share mentorship experiences and to show appreciation to mentors and mentees.  Those of us who have been lucky enough to have an awesome mentor in our lives know how valuable they can be not only in our professional lives, but also for our personal well-being.

Here are ten amazing facts about mentoring:

  1. Mentees are 5 times more likely to be promoted than other employees.
  2. 94% of employees say that if they were given opportunities to grow, they would stay longer at their place of employment.
  3. 55% of businesses felt that their profits greatly improved and had a positive impact from their mentorship programs.
  4. 67% of businesses said that due to their mentoring they had an increase in productivity.
  5. 71% of Fortune 500 companies have mentoring programs.
  6. 89% of mentees go on to mentor other employees.
  7. Nine out of ten workers are happier in their careers when they have a career mentor.
  8. 84% of CEOs said they were able to avoid costly mistakes thanks to their mentors.
  9. Minority representation in management was boosted from 9% to 24% in one study.
  10. 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relationship and develop greater confidence.

Have a wonderful day!