“Kindness is love made visible.” – H. Swanepoel Raktivist

Today is National Random Acts of Kindness Day!  Kind acts, both big and small, can brighten anyone’s day.  Something as simple as a kind note or a compliment can turn a person’s frown upside down.  Every year, individuals and organizations celebrate this holiday by doing nice things for others.  The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation celebrates more than just one day.  They celebrate Kindness Week.  Their website has several resources to help encourage kindness in schools and at home.

Here are some ways for you to celebrate kindness today:

  1. Leave random happy notes for people.
  2. Leave a yummy treat in the mailbox for your mail carrier.  
  3. Donate food to a local food pantry.  
  4. Make care packages for the homeless.  
  5. Buy coffee for a stranger. 
  6. If you live somewhere that’s snowy, shovel the snow from your neighbor’s driveway. 
  7. Offer to go grocery shopping for someone who isn’t able to leave their house.  
  8. Donate to someone’s GoFundMe. 
  9. Give compliments to everyone you see today.  
  10. Send flowers to a loved one. 
  11. Write “get well soon” cards for people in the hospital.  
  12. Create art and give it to a friend. 
  13. If you have a child in school, write a letter to their teacher about how much you appreciate them.  
  14. Leave an extra generous tip for your server or delivery person. 
  15. Make an awesome meal for someone.  

Be awesome.  Be caring.  Be kind.