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National Scavenger Hunt Day

Today is National Scavenger Hunt Day!  Although most people don’t know how scavenger hunts originated, the credit has been given to Elsa Maxwell, an American author, actress, and songwriter from the 1930’s who was nicknamed, “the hostess with the mostest.”  She would throw elaborate parties at which guests would be given a series of items or clues that had to be found around town.  The person or team with the most items found won.  They were not allowed to buy any of the objects.  Instead, they had to barter or work for each item.

Today, scavenger hunts are played by people of all ages.  They can be as simple as a backyard search for items, or as elaborate as traveling around the world to find items and clues.  They can even be played in your office.  To celebrate this day, here are some fun ideas for scavenger hunts that you can do:

  1. Backyard Scavenger Hunt: Do your kids need something fun to do this summer?  Give them a list of things to find in the backyard!  Here is a free list that has already been created:  Backyard Scavenger Hunt
  2. Camping Scavenger Hunt: Have the family search for all things nature!  Look for types of animals, types of plants, or simply find things that are different colors.  You can also have them build items with things that they find.  
  3. Office Scavenger Hunt: Divide your office into teams and have them search for things around the office.  Here is a free list that you can use: Office Scavenger Hunt
  4. Search for Things Around Town: Hide riddles around your town and have your friends or family search for them.  Each riddle will lead them to a new place. 
  5. Traveling Scavenger Hunt: This one will take a LOT of planning and a lot more time, but the fun to be had makes it all worth it.  Make your group feel like they’re on The Amazing Race.  Give them clues and tasks leading them to different places around the world. The first team to reach the end wins!
  6. Birthday Scavenger Hunt:  Give your loved ones a series of clues to find their gifts.  They can be around the house, outside, or around your city.  
  7. Glow in the Dark: Wear glow necklaces and search for things in the dark. Attach a glow in the dark sticker to each of the items to help them find everything. 
  8. Crazy Photo Scavenger Hunt:  Get a group of friends together and see who can take the craziest pictures.  Have each person take photos of things from a list, but have them do it in the craziest ways possible.  The person with the craziest pictures wins.  

Happy Searching!