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Earn 15% on Brainfiller Training Programs

Interested in making money with Brainfiller?

It’s really easy. We will pay you a 15% commission on every sale you generate using your referral link.

All you have to do is promote Brainfiller using your affiliate link on your website, blog, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other social networks.  We provide the creatives such as banner, buttons and link text that you can place on your website.

Why Promote Brainfiller?

After more than four decades in the electrical power industry and such overwhelming success with his training website,, Jim Phillips wants to share the success with you!

You’ll earn 15% commission when a customer purchases any Scheduled Brainfiller training class and/or On Demand classes using your referral link.  This includes both individual purchases as well as group purchases as illustrated in the examples below.

Commission Examples*:

Example 1: Single Purchase – Scheduled Class

One Week Power System Engineering Class

Purchase Cost: $1495

Your Take:  15% = $ 224.25

Example 2: Group Purchase – Scheduled Class

Companies that register larger groups, receive discounts.  Your commission is based on the net sale.

Let’s say a company registers 4 people together, they receive a 25% group discount and you receive 15% of the net.

Purchase cost: 4 people x $1495 = $5960.00

Cost to purchaser with 25% Group Discount = $4485.00

Your take: 15% = $672.75

*example only.  Commissions are based on actual sales and subject to terms and conditions.

 SERIOUSLY??  That kind of cash for just being an affiliate and promoting Brainfiller?

Yep, that’s the idea!

The 15% commission applies to both Live Scheduled classes as well as our On Demand classes!

Affiliate commissions are paid in US Dollars directly to your bank account.

Ready to make money with Brainfiller?

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We manually review and approve all affiliates, so it can take up a few das before you get approved.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read through our Affiliate Terms of Service.