Jim Phillips On StageHave Jim Phillips conduct one of his more than 20 different electrical power, arc flash and electrical safety training programs at your location with his on-site training or invite him to be a speaker at your next conference or event.

Contact our program director at: brenda@brainfiller.com or call us at: 800-874-8883. to discuss your next conference or on-site training requirements

On-Site Training – Request a Proposal

Give us a call or e-mail us to discuss your on-site training requirements. Whether it is for one day or one week of training, you can receive your proposal which includes having Jim bring any of his more than 20 classes to your location.  He can even customize a class allowing you to select subjects from wide range of topics about electric power systems, design, analysis, arc flash, electrical safety, and more.

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Scheduled Training Events – Register Today 

Jim conducts several of his popular training programs at various locations throughout the year.  This includes classes like his 5 Day Power System Engineering Class, How to Perform an Arc Flash Study based on IEEE 1584 With DC Arc Flash Calculations and the 2017 National Electrical Code.  Checkout what is presently scheduled.

Have Jim as a Conference Speaker

Jim is frequently a speaker at many national and international conferences and events discussing subjects such as the progress of IEEE 1584, and other power system analysis, design and arc flash related topics.  Contact us today about your next conference.