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Expert Witness | Forensics | Jim Phillips, P.E.

Jim Phillips, P.E.

As an expert witness, he can be part of your team for the investigation of electrical accidents, power distribution equipment failures, arc flash and electrical safety issues and many other facets of electrical power systems.

Jim’s thirty plus years of experience in industries such as electric utilities, consulting engineering, training and standards development have provided him with a broad knowledge that you can tap into.

Jim’s cases have included investigations such as arc flash injuries, electrical equipment failures and electrocutions. He was also part of the international investigative team of a major fire created by a High Energy Arc Fault (HEAF) at a nuclear power plant as a result of the Fukushima earthquake in Japan.

With a background and formal education in power system analysis, Jim was responsible for developing power system analysis software long before it was commercially available on PC’s. When it comes to arc flash, he literally wrote the book titled: Complete Guide to Arc Flash Calculation Studies. He not only has a thorough knowledge of many electrical standards, he develops many U.S. and international electrical standards.

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