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Standards Development

Jim is very active in the development and holds leadership roles of many U.S. and international standards such as


  • International Chairman – IEC TC78 – Live Working including Arc Flash Protection
  • Vice Chair of IEEE 1584IEEE 1584 – IEEE Guide for Performing Arc-Flash Hazard Calculation
  • Vice-Chairman – IEEE 1584.1 Guide for the Specification of Scope and Deliverable Requirements for an Arc-Flash Hazard Calculation Study in Accordance with IEEE 1584 and IEC Working Group 15
  •  ASTM F18 – Electrical Protective Equipment for Workers
  • Liaison – For IEEE 1584 and IEC TC 78 Live Working and Working Group 15 Protective Equipment
  •  IEC 61482-1-1IEC 61482-1-1 – Determination of the Arc Rating of Clothing Materials and Evaluation of Protective Clothing Performance Using a Symmetrical Arc
  •  IEC 61482-1-2 –  Determination of Arc Protection Class of Material and Clothing by Using a Constrained and Directed Arc 
  •  IEC 901 – IEC Technical Report for Correlating the Results of Arc Test Methods to Electrotechnical Applications in Order to Select the Proper Electric arc Protective Equipment
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international expertise

International Expert​

Jim is the International Chairman of Geneva, Switzerland based International Electro-Technical Commission’s TC 78 for Live Working which includes protective equipment, tools and arc flash protection. He continues to travel the globe typically flying over 150,000 miles a year to work with various U.S. and international standards organizations and speak at many conferences and training events.

Jim and his wife of four decades live in Scottsdale, Arizona and have two children and one grandson.

Jim Phillips - Standards Development