NFPA 70E states that retraining in safety-related work practices and applicable changes in this standard shall be performed at intervals not to exceed 3 years.

This time frame is so employees can keep up to date with the triennial revision cycle of this important electrical safety standard. Watch this one-hour video where Jim Phillips, P.E. takes you through the major changes to the 2021 Edition of NFPA 70E such as:

♦ Revised Definitions.
♦ Reorganization of Article 110.
♦ Moving Priority from Article 105 to 110.1 to emphasize the importance
♦ Addition of informational note regarding online training.
♦ New note regarding multi-employer work sites – more than one employer can be responsible. ♦ New section about Electrically Safe Work Policy.
♦ There is a New Sub Section about Equipment Use.
♦ Clarification regarding “Block or relive stored non-electrical energy devices”.
♦ New task added to Table 130.5(C) “operating a circuit breaker or switch for the first time under all conditions is listed as “Yes” regarding likelihood of an arc flash incident.
♦ A new informational note was added regarding the arc rating of outer layers used for safety or protection from the elements.
♦ New examples of risk reduction methods when testing absence of voltage with an incident energy greater than arc rating of commercially available arc rated PPE.
♦ A new Article 360 regarding capacitor safety was added.
♦ New Annex R Working Safely with Capacitors

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