“NFPA 70E requires retraining at intervals not to exceed 3 years

Retraining in safety-related work practices and applicable changes to NFPA 70E shall be performed at intervals not to exceed 3 years. This time frame is so employees can keep up to date with the triennial revision cycle of this important electrical safety standard.

Jim Phillips, P.E. helps you complete this NFPA 70E requirement by walking you through the major changes to the 2024 Edition of NFPA 70E.

Relocated Definitions
Update Structure for Searchable Format
Adding a Scope to many articles
Global Changes such as adding “Electric” to Shock
Normal Operation 7th condition added – Equipment rated for available fault current
Emergency Response Plan added to Job Safety Planning
120.5 (B)(2) Clarification regarding “Block or relive stored non-electrical energy devices”
120.6 “Test each phase conductor at each point of work” added to ESWC
Harmonize Restricted Approach Boundaries with OSHA’s minimum approach distances
130.5 (B) Clarification that doors do not provide enough protection from an arc flash (unless arc resistant)
130.5(G) Informational Note provides examples of changes that could affect incident energy
130.5(G) New text: labels shall be sufficient durability for environment
Table 130.7(C)(15) (b) DC PPE Category Table  significantly revised
320.3(A)(1) New thermal threshold added for battery safety
NEW Informative Annex S – Assessing the Condition of Maintenance

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