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Each edition of NFPA 70E contains changes that impact or are seen throughout the entire standard.

Known as “Global Changes” the 2024 Edition has three major global changes that include:

Electric Shock
Addition of the word “Electric” to shock. The term is now “Electric Shock” since the word “shock” can mean many other things such as “surprise”. However the word “Electric” does not precede “Shock” when referring to “Hearing Protection Boundary” and “Lung Protection Boundary” In these cases the word “Shock” means shock wave, not electric shock.

The term “electric shock” appears 63 times in the 2024

Protectors – Deletion of “Leather”
Deletion of the word “Leather” from “Leather Protectors” Not all protectors are leather. The 2021 Edition of ASTM F3258-21 uses the term “Protectors” and deletion of the word “Leather” aligns with the ASTM standard.

Addition of Scope
Each article is required to have a scope as ABC.1 of each article. 11 Articles did not have a scope so one was added. In these cases, sections often needed renumbered to accommodate the new section. 

Watch this short video which was taken from my 8-hour 2024 NFPA 70E class as I explain the importance of these global changes.