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Preview – Medium Voltage Power Systems – Live Streaming

Wondering what a live streaming class is like?  Check out this preview video.

The course: Medium Voltage Power Systems IS a live interactive presentation complete with Jim discussing the topic with you just like the in person class – but without the need to travel. Just like the in person class, you will see his slides, white board drawings, and Jim discussing various topics and answering your questions in real time (and of course his famous stories).

Jim’s live streaming class is NOT a webinar and it is NOT a recording.

This video preview was recorded during his April 2020 streaming class and includes a discussion of equipment short circuit interrupting ratings, the X/R ratio and symmetrical vs. asymmetrical currents. Jim explains ungrounded systems and how they can be used for maintaining service continuity.  He also provides a detailed illustration of overcurrent relays and demonstrates how legacy electro-mechanical relays function (using an actual relay)