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Fundamentals of Electrical Safety and NFPA 70E

Online Class Agenda - 2 PDHs / 0.2 CEUs - $99

arc flash boundaries, electrical safety gloves, national electrical safety code, osha electrical safety
  • 2 PDHs | 0.2 CEUs
  • 9 Video Modules
  • Learn about the main elements of electrical safety
  • Final Quiz – Minimum Passing Score of 70% Required for Continuing Education Credit
  • Take the quiz as many times as you need
  • Certificate of Completion with PDH/CEU Credit
  • No Time Limit
  • Program does NOT expire
  • Store this program in your personal library for future reference

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This 2 hour On-Demand Electrical Safety Training class by Jim Phillips addresses many important electrical safety topics for those that need a quick refresher or an introduction to the fundamentals.  Based on NFPA 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Module 1: Introduction to Electrical Hazards

  • Shock/Electrocution
  • Arc Flash Hazard
  • Video – Switchboard Arc Flash Test
  • Blast Pressure
  • Ultraviolet Light
  • Sound Pressure
  • 1.2 calories/centimter2
  • Onset of Second-Degree Burn

Module 2: Electrical Safety Terminology

  • Exposed vs. Interaction
  • Condition of Maintenance
  • Qualified Person
  • Shock Hazard
  • Working Distance
  • Inspection –
  • Electrocution Investigation
  • Video – Uninsulated Tool and Arc Flash Test

Module 3: Risk Control | Electrically Safe Work Condition

  • Hierarchy of Risk Controls
  • Job Safety Planning
  • Checklist
  • Establishing an Electrically Safe Work Condition
  • Incident Investigations (What Happened?)

Module 4: Shock Risk Assessment

  • Energized Electrical Work Permit
  • Steps of Shock Risk Assessment
  • Estimate Likelihood and Severity (New for 2021)
  • Limited Approach Boundary
  • Restricted Approach Boundary
  • Approach Boundaries Table

Module 5: Arc Flash Risk Assessment

  • Arc Flash Investigation – Permanent Disability
  • General Requirements
  • Estimate Likelihood of Occurrence of an Arc Flash
  • Normal vs. Abnormal Equipment Condition
  • Operation of Device for First Time (New for 2021)
  • Arc Flash Boundary

Module 6: Incident Energy Analysis Method

  • Working Distance
  • Incident Energy Analysis PPE Selection Tables
  • PPE up to 12 cal/cm2
  • PPE greater than 12 cal/cm2
  • Additional garments for weather or hi-vis vests
  • Video – Motor Control Center Arc Flash
  • Transformer Secondary Blind Spot

Module 7: PPE Category Method

  • PPE Category Table
  • PPE Category maximum short circuit current
  • PPE Category maximum fault clearing time
  • Example: Determining short circuit current
  • Example: Determining fault clearing time

Module 8: Arc Flash Labels

  • Minimum Requirements
  • Interpreting Labels
  • Labeling with multiple configurations
  • Signal Words and Colors

Module 9: PPE Selection

  • NFPA 70E Requirements
  • Care of equipment
  • Hearing Protection
  • Shock Protection
  • Insulating Glove Classes and Voltage Ratings
  • Arc Flash Suit
  • Face Shield and Balaclava
  • Arc Flash Hand Protection
  • Foot Protection
  • PPE Testing Lab
  • DC PPE Category Tables