Reprinted with permission from “IAEI News” by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). Copyright © 1929 to 2020 by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Current articles may be found online at

The January 1930 articles include:

What the Industry Thinks of Inspectors (page 3) The electrical industry regards this great body of men in the light of an unorganized police force that undoubtedly contributes to safety in the use of electricity, but instead of keeping order, promotes disorder because it is unorganized.  OUCH!  That’s a bit harsh.

System Control for Electric Clocks (page 10) Did you miss your regular train this morning?  If so, it was not due to an error in your Telechron clock, as its timing is now automatically regulated to a high degree of precision by means of two frequency regulators installed on the Edison system.

What’s in a Name? (Page 15) This article provides example of industry terminology as it relates to specific geographic areas.  For example, “Standpipe” refers to Service Conduit in the North west. “Hard Lights” refer to Arc Lamps in Hollywood.