Reprinted with permission from “IAEI News” by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). Copyright © 1929 to 2020 by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Current articles may be found online at

From the July 1929 Issue:

The History of the National Electrical Code (page 3) from a 1929 perspective.  This includes a copy of the October 19th, 1881 letter adopting the standard for Electric Light Wires, Lamps, etc. subject to future additions. (Jim’s Note:  I believe there have been “a few” additions since then)

50th Anniversary of the Incandescent Lamp. (page 5) A few rules have been developed related to this incident lamp circuits.  The rules come from then leaders of industry including Mr. Thomas A. Edison.

Voltage Drop (page 8) “Drop in Voltage” has not been specifically provided for in the Code on the assumption that no fire or lie hazard was involved.  However, this article begins to address the issue.

Accident Reports (page 25) This includes the electrocution of a rat, electrocution in a “Beauty Parlor” and others.