Reprinted with permission from “IAEI News” by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI). Copyright © 1929 to 2020 by the International Association of Electrical Inspectors. Current articles may be found online at

In this issue from March 1929 are articles such as:

Talking Picture Equipment – Description of Circuits, Voltages Used and Methods of Installation. With this “NEW” emerging technology, what apparatus must be added to the ordinary motor driven motion picture projector, in order to run talking pictures (page 9).  Learn about the “new” safety provisions governing wiring in moving picture booths and more.  Quite a blast from the past.

High Tension Service In Chrysler Building, New York City (page 17) With the growing tendency toward construction of higher buildings, with the rapidly extending use of alternating currents for buildings in the congest districts of large cities this article discusses the power supply for the NEW Chrysler building.

Read about various meeting reports such as the Electrical Committee of NFPA’s 1929 Annual meeting (page 12) the New York Chapter’s visit to the Westinghouse Institute and a Meeting of the Ohio IAEI (page 15)