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In the May 1929 issue you can find:

Meeting of Electrical Council of Underwriters’ Laboratories Meeting (page 3) that addressed such topics as Cabinet Labels, Armored Cable, Circuit Breakers and more.  Circuit breakers are now divided into three classes based on characteristics.  This includes circuit breakers used for washing machine protection, one for replacing the cutout and the switch at the service entrance and a standard circuit breaker represents the third class.

Guidance for Three-Phase, Four-Wire Systems. (page 8) This type of system is rapidly coming into use throughout the country and this article helps clarify the terminology and application of these systems.

Separate Fuses for Bell-Ringing Transformers.  (page 13) It is recognized that the bell circuit which is frequently run with small size, paraffin covered wire is likely to short circuit.

Neon Signs (page 14) The Neon, sign, with its brilliant attractive, multi-colored glows, has met with very popular favor through the country during the past two to three years.  However, there are many questions that this article attempts to address.

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