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November 1929 is the fifth issue and contains articles about:

Application of Demand Factors in Determining Feeder Sizes (page 12) An introduction to the concept of demand factors complete with graphs and tables. “In any set of electrical mains supplying either the whole or a part of an electrical installation the loaded in amperes occurring at anytime rarely, if ever, equals the load in amperes which would be required if all the apparatus connected to these mains was in use at the same time and full loaded.”

Penny for Fuse Proves Costly for Householder.  (page 21) We have heard the stories and they go back a long time ago.  “Don’t use a penny if a light fuse blows out.”

Statement to Inspectors from Manufacturers of Armored Cable (page 30) After tow years of the most careful research by Underwriters’ Laboratories, the armored cable industry announce their adoption of a new armored cable standard.