Protective Device Coordination Analysis – Part 3 – 0.2 CEU/2 PDH


This Video Program shows how to determine overcurrent relay settings and transformer protection based on ANSI thru-fault curves. This program includes the DVD, Course Workbook and Continuing Education Credit.

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Protective Device Coordination Analysis

Video Program Part 3 – $59.00

2 PDHs / 0.2 CEUs

DVD, Workbook and Continuing Education Credit

Course Summary – This is Part 3 of a 3 part video series on Protective Device Coordination Analysis. In Part 3, Jim Phillips, P.E. shows how to protect transformers based on ANSI C57 thru fault protection using overcurrent relays. See how motor starting curves are used for motor protection.

Learn how overcurrent relays operate as well as how to determine the amp tap, time dial and instantaneous settings. See how to use relay time current curves. Many examples and problems.

The footage was recorded at the One Week Power Distribution Class held several times a year by T2G Technical Training Group.

Course Outline –

  • Transformer Protection
  • NEC (R) Table 450.3
  • ANSI C57 Standard
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • ANSI Damage Curve
  • Delta-Wye Curve Shifting
  • Transformer Protection per ANSI
  • Overcurrent Relays
  • Current Transformers
  • Amp Tap and Time Dial
  • Instantaneous Setting
  • Relay Time Current Curves
  • Setting Overcurrent Relays
  • Coordination Problems

Continuing Education Credit – The continuing education credit for this course is 2 PDHs / 0.2 CEUs. To receive Continuing Education Credit, you simply watch the video, solve a few problems and take the test. Continuing Education Credit is credited to the person that purchased the program and must be completed within 90 days of shipment of the course material. A passing score of 70 percent is required for credit.

Workbook – The course workbook is included with this package and contains many of the illustrations used in the video as well as copies of the time current curves used in the problem solving exercises.

On – Site Training – Hold the live version of this 1 day course at your location as an on-site training program. For more information click: On-Site- Training

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