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FREE – DC Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Guide – Download

DC Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Guide - Free Download

FREE DC Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Guide

This FREE guide walks you through the equations, methods and examples for performing DC Arc Flash Hazard Calculations.  At the present time, DC arc flash hazard calculations are not directly addressed in any standard including IEEE 1584 -2002 – IEEE Guide for Arc Flash Hazard Calculations.  This guide, written by Jim Phillips – Secretary of IEEE 1584 and International Chairman of IEC TC78- Live Working,  will show you calculations based on

In January 2010, Jim Phillips  introduced DC arc   flash calculation methods in his Arc Flash Studies   training program and also in his book “Complete   Guide for Arc Flash Hazard Calculation Studies”   The calculation methods are based on several   highly regarded technical papers which are listed   and referenced in this guide. These methods are used by many arc flash programs.  Although not officially part of a standard, this guide is based on the better known methods currently available for DC arc flash calculations.

Table of Contents

  • 1.0. Introduction
  • 2.0. DC Arc Flash Calculations – Equations and Methods
  • 3.0. DC Arc Resistance and DC Arcing Current Calculations
  • 4.0. DC Arc Resistance Worksheet
  • 5.0. Power and Energy in the Arc
  • 6.0. DC Incident Energy Calculations – Open Air
  • 7.0. DC Arc Flash in an Enclosure / Box
  • 8.0. DC Arc Flash Calculations and Standards