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PCIC Conference – ANSI vs. IEC Short Calculations and Arc Flash Studies

The 65th Annual IEEE-PCIC Conference will be held this year in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 24-26. This year I will have both my “IEEE hat” and “IEC hat” on and join a couple of colleagues in presenting a technical paper comparing the use of ANSI vs. IEC short circuit calculations as part of an arc flash study.  The official title is: “Comprehensive Overview and Comparison of ANSI vs. IEC Short Circuit Calculations: Using IEC Short Circuit Results in IEEE 1584 Arc Flash Calculations”
In North America, the ANSI method is typically used for short circuit calculations while other parts of the world may use the IEC method.  Although IEEE 1584 continues to be the predominant calculation method used globally for arc flash studies, the key input variable of short circuit current can vary depending on whether the ANSI or IEC method is used. Could this lead to different results for arc flash calculations? How different are the results?  Is it significant? This paper will explore those questions and more. The PCIC conference is touted as an exchange of technical ideas that bring together professionals with a common focus on electrical installations and safety.  People from around the globe with a wide array of backgrounds are drawn to this event.  Last year’s conference in Calgary, Canada attracted 1,460 registered attendees from 18 countries.  This is also where many IEEE standards committees meet – such as IEEE 1584. I would encourage you to attend this conference if you are able.  Also, look me up if you are there!