Question: Everyone, I got this question from a client. He asked if it’s necessary to have their hot sticks tested? Understand this company has nothing higher than 480 volts on site and only uses these hot sticks to switch on and off 480 volt 30- to 200 amp bus duct fused disconnect switches.

The bus in this factory is hanging well above the floor. If an employee needs to reach a bus plug, he uses a hot stick to access the handle from the floor. I can’t see any reason to get the hot sticks tested, but wanted to get your views. I’d think they’d want to put some sort of notice on each stick that indicates the stick is not to be used for real hot work, or words to that effect. What’s your take on this?

Answers: If insulation isn’t required, my first thought is why not use conductive pipe instead. I suspect the answer is to be safe from inadvertent movement and contact. So if insulation is needed for this aspect, I suggest testing the insulation. READ MORE.