The industrial plant I work in has a policy that you must have long sleeves when inside an electrical room. Yesterday we had our annual “cold day”, where all turbine generators are offline and we are disconnected from the electric utility. During that period it is common practice for electricians to where short sleeves only. However, there doesn’t appear to be a facility policy to that effect, so someone made a fuss and we are having to clarify the policy.

The first part of the discussion is is that an appropriate practice? The proposed policy would be that you can have short sleeves as long as you have all power sources to the room locked out.

The second part of the discussion is does it really matter if you have long sleeves or short sleeves? To my thinking if you aren’t wearing a full set of arc flash hazard equipment (e.g. 4 cal, 8 cal, 40 cal, etc) then it doesn’t really matter what you are wearing, except that it not be flammable. READ MORE.