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IEC 61482-2 Second Edition Just Released!

IEC 61482-2As the International Chair of IEC TC78 Live Working Committee, I am excited to announce the recent publication of the second edition of IEC Standard 61482-2 Live working – Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc – Part 2: Requirements. This revised standard is applicable to protective clothing used in work where there is the risk of exposure to an electric arc hazard.  The document specifies requirements and test methods applicable to materials and garments for protective clothing for electrical workers against the thermal hazards of an electric arc.
Significant technical changes from the previous edition include:
  • New definition for ELIM, ATPV and EBT as used in accordance with IEC 61482-1-1
  • New requirements for the thermal stability of the intermediate layers
  • Additional material requirement for volume resistance
  • New test procedure for the thermal resistance of sewing threads
  • New symbol for marking
Thank you to all who were involved with the development of this latest edition! To obtain your copy, visit: IEC 61482-2