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NFPA IEEE Project Recognition

I recently received recognition for “Significant Contributions to Arc Flash Phenomena Research.”  The recognition was from the IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Phenomena Collaborative Research Project for:

“Significant Contributions to Arc Flash Phenomena Research”

For many years, I have had the privilege of being part of the nine-member steering committee for the IEEE/NFPA Arc Flash Phenomena Collaborative Research Project.  What is this project?

The project began shortly after the 2002 Edition of IEEE 1584 was published. IEEE and NFPA joined forces on an initiative to take arc flash research to a whole new level.  This initiative was undertaken to address areas of the arc flash phenomena that needed further research and testing validation to provide relevant information that can be used for developing safety strategies to protect workers.

This included but was not limited to: (a) Heat and Thermal Effects, (b) Blast Pressure, (c) Sound and (d) Light Hazards. This effort culminated in the development of the second edition of IEEE 1584 as well as a much greater understanding of arc flash.  

The Arc Flash Project is one of the most important projects that has been carried out by IEEE and NFPA with results used to save lives.

It has been a great honor to be part of this esteemed group, directing the future of arc flash research.