SKM PTW Viewer – can you build a one-line with this

Hi all.

I use SKM PTW on a daily basis but only have a single user license with a hardware key. I have a student worker (I work at a university) who mostly spends his time pulling old drawings and product data from our archives for me to work from. He also does some measuring of feeders and records them on the one-line and also goes out and applies the arc flash labels after I’ve done the study and printed them.

It would be nice if the student could start drawing models by at least getting the basic outline in place (utility, transformers, ATS’s busses, PD’s, cables, motors etc.) but without the data populated. That would save me some time and get this basic stuff done at a far lower cost that paying me for essentially drafting. I would then verify the basic model and modify as needed, fill in the data and do the analyses etc.

The problem is I can’t give up my hardware key for him to draft and can’t afford a second 1000 bus license for this. Someone mentioned to me once their company has a “lite” version of PTW that allows the very things I’m talking about. In looking at SKM’s site all I see is the PTW Viewer. Specs on it say:

Key Features:
Open, view, print, and export all study results from any project without a full version of PTW.
Create new one-lines from existing components and expand the one-lines.
Modify or create new datablocks and apply them to any one-line and TCC.
Adjust component position in existing one-lines and add annotations.
View different scenarios created from the base project and compare the results of multiple scenarios in the Data Visualizer.
Create customized Arc Flash labels, print Warning Labels and Work Permits.
Access to the Component Editor to view specifications of each component for all designs and projects.
View tabular and graphical representations of completed studies.

Does anyone know if “Create new one-lines from existing components and expand the one-lines.” means you can draw a one-line from scratch or do you have to have a project already created with devices already in the one-line that one can then modify? Does anyone here use the Viewer and are able to shed some light on its capabilities or if there is another option you know of?