IEEE 1584 Status Update

I have been receiving many questions lately about the status of the next edition of the standard: IEEE 1584 – IEEE Guide for Arc-Flash Hazard Calculations.  As Vice-Chair of the […]

Arc Flash Study Top 10 FAQs Part #2

How Does Everyone Else Do This? By Jim Phillips 3-Part Series   ELECTRICAL SAFETY PRACTICES Does your company or client permit energized work where the incident energy is greater than […]

Hot Stick Testing

Question: Everyone, I got this question from a client. He asked if it’s necessary to have their hot sticks tested? Understand this company has nothing higher than 480 volts on […]

How far would you go?

All – I found this installation the other day while in an area I am not officially in charge of. I called the person in charge and recommended he have […]

Short sleeves versus long sleeves

The industrial plant I work in has a policy that you must have long sleeves when inside an electrical room. Yesterday we had our annual “cold day”, where all turbine […]

X factor for Disconnect switches

Hello What is the optimal X factor for disconnect switches. I assumed it is 2 because that’s the default value that ETAP gives you. Am I correct for assuming this? […]

2015 NFPA 70E – 10 Item Check Up

2021 NFPA 70E Training

With the 2015 Edition of NFPA 70E being published and all of the changes that it brings, it is time to review your arc flash study, labels and overall practices. […]

NFPA 70E – Qualified Workers

2021 NFPA 70E

“Raise your right hand”  Pretty intimidating words – especially if they are said in a court room and the trial is about an injury or death.  –  and you are […]

Arc Flash – Unplugged

Arc Flash – Dynamite, gasoline, gunpowder and electricity: What do these have in common? Each one can explode. Something as simple as the slip of a screwdriver can cause the […]